We have a full liquor license and serve a nice selection of wine, beer & distilled spirits. 



We take the storage and handling of our product seriously:  We dug & built a wine cellar when we purchased our building/site which has enabled us to expand our offerings and store our wine at approx. 60 degrees; In addition, wine is stored in temperature controlled units to ensure proper serving temperature; Wines by the glass are poured using the Coravin system to preserve freshness and quality.

We have a very special table down in the wine cellar that can accommodate 6 adults comfortably, a tight squeeze will allow up to 8 adults.  Due to the very intimate space and close proximity to MANY bottles of wine, we do not welcome children into this space.  If you have a special occasion or would like a private dining experience, please call us directly to reserve the cellar table.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a full flight of stairs leading down to the wine cellar & the cellar is kept at approx. 60 degrees, please dress accordingly and warn all guests.  We reserve the right to add a 20% gratuity to all parties in this space, regardless of size and there may be a rental fee, depending on time of season.

To reserve the wine cellar, please call us directly after 4pm Tues - Sun 435-259-0756 or email info@desertbistro.com

NOTE:  Credit Card Required - Cancellation required minimum of 24 hours in advance to avoid a $40/person charge to your card.