Large Parties

Due to our intimate space in our dining areas as well as kitchen, we will only consider large parties (parties over 8 people) at 5:00pm or 8:45pm/later.  You are welcome to split your group yourselves and make separate reservations (based on availability) online, however we will not merge these reservations  nor change the time on the reservation and cannot promise tables will be next to one another if booked this way.  Please note the following guidelines:

  • We do not seat parties larger than 8 people at the same table. The group will be split between tables according to the total number in group. We have only 1 set of tables that will accommodate up to 8 people (patio), all other tables have a maximum of 5-6 people depending on which area you are booked. We will be happy to discuss options with you based on your group size. We WILL NOT merge tables. Please inform your group of this policy so that we do not have to go through a lengthy explanation and/or argument regarding this policy upon arrival. We thank you in advance!

  • The 5:00pm booking has a 2 - 2 1/2 hour time limit, depending on the size of your group. There is no time limit for the 8:45pm or later seating. If you feel that you will need more time, you are welcome to pay an additional fee (5pm for the tables/space upfront - fees are dependent on circumstances, extra time requested, peak season vs low season, etc.

  • We require that large groups respect other diners around them. We will make repeated attempts to bring it to your attention if others are bothered by the noise level of your group. We appreciate your understanding.

  • The patio will seat up to 30 people comfortably, split between 6 tables. Our dining room will seat up to 26 people comfortably, split between 5 tables.

  • To reserve either the patio or dining room privately, we charge a non-refundable $500 - $1000 deposit which covers the rental & organization fee in addition to a minimum F&B charge, depending on season. To reserve the entire facility privately, the non-refundable deposit which covers the rental & organization fee is $1000 - $2000 depending on season. F&B minimums will depend on season and timing of your event and will be discussed once we have clear details/request.

  • We require a limited menu for parties larger than 12 people. We will print a separate menu for your group with your pre-selected options. Pricing will depend on pre-selected courses & items. In the event of multiple entrée options, we request advance notice of quantities to ensure we have adequate supply - if you do not wish to offer this, we simply cannot guarantee that we will have enough of each item.

  • Alcohol - we are happy to charge separately for alcoholic beverages or include them in the total bill for the group. Wine, beer or cocktail options can be pre-selected if you wish to control options to the group. Please let us know in advance how you would like to manage this and we can discuss options.

  • Applicable sales tax and 20% gratuity will be added to the entirety of the bill

Please email to book a large party